Biological Soil Crust (BSC) generates a surprising 25% of the planet's naturally fixed nitrogen outside the oceans.  TerraDerm technology seeds BSC on a  terrestrial scale         

TerraDerm is still in Development yet here's what we know:
  - The availability of fixed nitrogen governs how fast plants can grow, as much as water
  - Plant photosynthesis governs how fast carbon dioxide is absorbed from the atmosphere
  - BSC is responsible for producing 80% of the fixed nitrogen for plant life on arid lands
  - 40% of the earth's landmass is arid and supports almost 50% of agriculture and grazing
  - Arid lands have a surprisingly large role in climate change and food production

Introduction to TerraDerm:
   - Seeding of Large Areas with Biological Soil Crust Started Formulation (IEEE Published Paper)
   - Seeding of Large Areas with Biological Soil Crust Started Formulation (Presentation Slide Deck)

Introduction to Biological Soil Crust:

Biological Soil Crust (BSC) Ecological Role:
   - Effects of Soil Crust Disturbance
(Belnap Presentation)
   - Ecological Role of Biological Soil Crusts (USGS Presentation) 
   - Cyanobacteria in Biological Soil Crusts of India (Tirkey Paper)
   - USGS Recoverability and Vulnerability of Desert Ecosystems (USGS Project Site)
   - Impacts of Biological Soil Crust Disturbance and Composition on C and N Loss from Water Erosion (Barger Paper)   

Contribution of BSC to the Global Carbon and Nitrogen Cycle:
   - Have Desert Researchers Discovered a Hidden Loop in the Carbon Cycle? (Yan 2008 Research)
   - Carbon sequestration in desert ecosystem (Schlesinger 2009 Paper)
   - Contribution of cryptogamic covers to the global cycles of carbon and nitrogen (Elbert 2012 ScienceDaily)
Directional climate change and potential reversal of desertification in arid and semiarid ecosystems (Peters 2012 Paper)

Reseeding Technology, Research and Results:
   - Feasibility of cyanobacterial inoculation for biological soil crusts formation in desert area (Wang Paper)
   - Biological Soil Crust Rehabilitation in Theory and Practice: An Underexploited Opportunity
(Bowker Paper)
   - Reseeding Soil using Cyanobacteria in China (2012 Video)
   - Aerial Reforestation Technology (Illustration of proposed seedling delivery process)
   - Dry Land Erosion Control using Photosynthetic Nitrogen-fixing Microorganisms (Flynn Patent)
   - Supra-Cellular Ropes Enabled Filamentous Cyanobacteria to Colonize Highly Erodible Substrates (Ferran Paper)

BSC and Desertification Information Resources:  
   - Global Dynamics of Dust (United Nations Environmental Program 2013)
   - USGS Soil Crust
(Directory Site)
   - Soil Erosion: a Food and Environmental Threat (Pimentel Paper)
   - Desertification Dimensions (Wikipedia) (Wikipedia)
   - United Nations Convention to Combat Desertification  (UNCCD Home Site)


Restoring Soils on a Global Scale