Climate change and desertification are global scale challenges.
- What if there was a way to make a scaled response?

TerraDerm is going to require the combined efforts of:
  - Arid ecology scientists to identify receptive lands and evaluate results
  - Biologists and engineers who can invent viable mass producible inoculants
  - Ecosystem modelers who understand carbon, nutrient and plant dynamics
  - Measurement experts to develop crust sensing technologies
  - Business experts who can design sustainable funding models and operations
  - Environmentalists who can recruit patron support and public awareness


Jim Sears, Executive Director

Sears discovered that soil crust microorganisms play an outsize role in the globe's ecology and that soil crust inoculate could be produced at large scales using technology being developed for the algal industry.  He  brought together the TerraDerm Foundation to develop this technology into reality.  Sears is a six time winner of Small Business Innovative Research grants and has seven patents and patents pending.  He has an engineering degree from Georgia Tech and has developed underwater technology at the Naval Coastal Systems Center, satellite technology at Ball Aerospace and founded three entrepreneurial ventures: Ascent Technology, Solix Biofuels and A2BE Carbon Capture.  A broad based systems engineer, Sears has focused his career on creating globally relevant technology in the areas of sensor systems, national security, energy and global environment. In addition to serving as the Executive Director of the TerraDerm Foundation he Chairs the Technical Standards Committee for the Algal Biomass Organization generating global sustainability standards for the algae biofuels industry.

Project Consultants & Advisors:

Dr. Bharath Prithiviraj, Bharath is a University of Colorado Research Associate in the Department of Environmental Engineering.  He specializes in biological soil crust reclamation and microbial community diversity as well as the effects of Bioaerosol microbial deposition in indoor and outdoor environments with Professor Mark Hernandez's group at CU. He was a Senior Scientist at Anthem Biosciences Pvt. Ltd, a contract research organization located in Bangalore, India. Dr. Prithiviraj's doctoral training was in Lichenology at the M.S.Swaminathan Research Foundation affiliated with the University of Madras, Chennai. During his doctoral studies, he was co-advised by Prof. M.S. Swaminathan, World Food Prize winner and UNESCO-Cousteau Ecotechnology Chair.

Dr Matthew Bowker United States Geological Services and Adjunct Faculty at Northern Arizona University Flagstaff and University of Nevada-Las Vegas. Dr. Bowker is a highly respected soil crust ecologist focused on the ecosystems and community ecology of dryland environments.  He has authored over 20 papers on biological soil crusts including several focused on restoration.  He is a frequent participant  in the training of USGS scientists, federal land managers and the public on biological soil crusts. 


Restoring Soils on a Global Scale